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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Archangel Chamuel

Meaning - "He who sees God", "He who seeks God"

The Archangel of pure love, Chamuel can lift you from the depths of sorrow and find love in your heart. Chamuel helps us to renew and improve existing relationships as well as finding our soul mates. Chamuel works with us to build strong foundations for our relationships (as well as careers) so they're long-lasting, meaningful and healthy. You'll know he's with you when you feel butterflies in your stomach and a pleasant tingling in your body.

If there's a breakdown of your relationship, if you cling to your relationships and don't allow your companion the freedom to be able to express themselves freely, call on Chamuel for guidance and support. The other areas you can Chamuel can help is if you need to strengthen a parent-child bond, if you're unable to feel love for yourself or others, if your heart has hardened and is full of negative emotions, if you have lost someone close through death or separation, if you and your children have experienced a divorce, if your heart is blocked with depression, hopelessness and despair, if you feel lonely and broken hearted, if you need to be loved, if you are judgmental and cynical or if you don't appreciate the love that you have in your life.

Chamuel can also help with world peace, career, life purpose and finding lost items.

Calling upon Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel’s planetary aspect is Earth. Therefore an ideal spot to try and contact Archangel Chamuel would be in a garden, alternately ensure that you have some plants nearby to help link with Archangel Chamuel’s energies.

You could also light pink candles. Sit quietly and once you feel calm and relaxed, ask Archangel Chamuel to enter your energies and ask for the help you feel you need. 

Archangel Chamuel Invocation:-

Light a candle (ensuring it is free from drafts or anything flammable), holding a crystal in your hand, sit comfortably and relax. When you feel calm and collected, you can invoke Archangel Chamuel by saying the following:-

I am love and light divine, I call upon the higher angelic realm to protect me and keep me from all things negative both seen and unseen. I also ask and call upon the cosmic hierarchy to assist me in this meditation. I ask that my energies be aligned with Archangel Chamuel and I call forth Archangel Chamuel to assist me in opening and activating my chakra's so that I can be filled with pure love and radiant light. 

Please assist me in (you say what ever you feel here, as an example- overcoming my pain). I ask beloved Archangel Chamuel that you remove all negative thought forms that cloud my intuition, vision and judgements. Strengthen my will power so that my energies merge with God, light, the one conscious energy. I thank you for your assistance and ask that God, light, the one conscious energy stay with me everywhere I go, to guide me so that my actions be in harmony with the cosmic purpose of life, so that light, love and power be restored to the earth plane. So be it.

Once you have done this invocation, it's important to sit quietly, and feel the presence of Archangel Chamuel. When you feel ready, open your eyes and take time to become aware of your surroundings. While meditating, you may experience the following:-

Bright lights or colors. Deep emotions (allow yourself to experience these emotions). Change in temperature. A sense of calm and peace. A divine presence of love and energy. 

Archangel Chamuel will assist you with:-

Matters of the heart - Love. 
Finding lost possesions. 
Substance abuse. 
Security and law enforcement. 
Artistic expression. 
Finding accommodation. 
World peace. 

Archangel Chamuel is associated with:-

Planets Earth and Mars. 
Ruling day of the week - Tuesday. 
Astrological sign of Aries. 
World peace. 
Retrieval of lost possessions. 
Finding inner joy and happiness 
Achieving contentment with life. 
Bringing forth your inner beauty. 

Crystals you can use to work with Archangel Chamuel:-

Rose Quartz 
You can carry these crystals with you to ensure your energies are aligned with Archangel Chamuel, this can be just a single stone, worn in a ring or pendant. Alternatively try meditating with a piece of Amethyst in your left hand (if you're right handed) and your right hand (if you're left handed).

Candles to be used in rituals or meditation with Archangel Chamuel are:-

Yellow - to symbolise upliftment, fertility, spiritual growth and renewal (rebirth). 
Pink - to symbolise matters of the heart. 
Green - to symbolise earth. 

Plants/Essential Oils you can use to align with Archangel Chamuel while meditating are:-

Lavendar Chamomile 

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